Synthetic Rock Creations



Do you have an idea for something different, amazing or downright cool?  Want a gargoyle overlooking your yard?   Want a castle-like archway or door?  Want a pub table to reflect your hobby?  How about a pond or waterfall in your backyard?

Over the years I’ve done many custom designs, fabrications and decorative structures to add that unique flair to your home, yard, man-cave or outdoor area.

Give me a call and we can discuss it.   Turn your rough idea or concept into a reality.


Here are some of the custom jobs we’ve completed.


Fountain Sculpture – “Jobba”

IMG_0006 IMG_0001
Wireframe “Jobba”


Tiki Head

R1-07976-024A R1-01594-0016
Building the Tiki Tiki Mounted in Custom Stone Wall


Exercise “Cave” – Castle Entrance


R1-07976-012A R1-01594-0015
“Cave Entrance” Completed Exercise “Cave”



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